Get paid to share your healing and intuitive gifts

Without tech overwhelm, sleazy business strategy or your own self-sabotage

Instead, learn how to sustainably and authentically grow your purpose-led business whilst deepening your mastery, building solid foundations and simple structures to activate channels of abundance, service and contribution.

You're Tired Of...

  • Not feeling safe to share your work publicly
  • Being caught in a never-ending learning-not-earning-cycle
  • Feeling confused about what to offer, how to niche, and who to work with
  • Not knowing what to say or how to market your products and services
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the moving parts of operating a business

You're looking for a better way to consistently show up and build your purpose-led business, so you can share your medicine and magic with the world.

You're Ready to Go ALL IN On Your Soul Work, so...

You invest thousands of dollars into a website that looks amazing but hasn't brought any clients into your business...

And to be honest, there are parts of your website still waiting for your input to be fully completed.

You're not even sure if what
has been created is aligned anymore...

You could update it or start again, but it's hard to justify spending more money on something that may not give you a financial return.

You spend hours consuming free or low cost trainings that are essentially extended sales pitches for high ticket offers.

You have to wade through countless hours of fluff, wasting precious time and energy, instead of implementing what is needed to grow your business. If you do invest in a program, you receive only a small piece of the puzzle, before finding yourself on your own again trying to figure out the next step.

You set up a Facebook Group and Instagram account so you can grow your business organically but end up ghosting.

Creating content for social media feels heavy and hard and there are a lot of people in your world (family, friends, work colleagues) that you'd prefer didn't know about your business or services. Even in your most dedicated week you probably only shared a handful of posts before quitting again, feeling disappointed and overwhelmed.

I see you Dear One

Trying your best...

To get your business started...

To share your Soul Work

With the world...

To make a difference

In the lives of others...

And to receive abundantly for your gifts...

Let me ask you...

What If There Was A Different Way?

What if you could access a complete business training program created specifically for intuitive, purpose-led business owners?

A business strategy where there was no bait-and-switch, no fake-it-till-ya-make-it, no sleazy sales pitches or cringe-worthy fake celebrations?

A business program where you weren't left on your own with a bunch of self-study videos or little in-person support...

What if you didn't need to inflict FOMO, false scarcity or pain point agitation upon the very people you are here to serve?

What if, instead, you built your business upon the foundation of mastery, excellence, genuine caring, compassion and service?

Sound too good to be true?

Read on, we're just getting started.

In the Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy you receive a tested signature process to:

Deepen your mastery

Build your foundations, and

Open your channels

So you can authentically grow a sustainable, soul-aligned business

Here's what happens when you embrace the path of the Soulpreneur...

  • Heal your visibility wounds so that you can confidently share your magic with the world
  • Cohesively integrate your modalities, life journey, and areas of mastery so that you know the value of your work and how to package it.
  • Distill your magic so that you understand who you help, how they benefit, and why you are the best person to help soulmate clients.
  • Focus on the transformation and value of your Soul work and allow this to be infused through all areas of your business including your branding, strategy, offers, messaging and marketing.
  • Embrace social media and other forms of marketing as a component of your Soul Work, so that you feel lit up and inspired to freely share your message, essence and medicine.
  • Nurture authentic relationships through online platforms so that you know what to share, when, and generate real engagement with the people who matter.
  • Create safe spaces online where you can be fully visible in sharing your magic, away from people who would judge or condemn you.
  • Implement simple and effective business strategies that grow your business, income and impact.
  • How to speak to the people who are looking for your services and what you MUST do in order to nurture them to go from stranger to soulmate client.
  • Follow a step-by-step blueprint to sustainably grow your Soul-aligned business, without putting excessive financial pressure on yourself or your Soul Work to pay for your bills in the short term.

Hi there, I'm Kylie

I'm an intuitive business coach and energy healer and for the past twenty years, life has taken me on my own magical, mystery tour through spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Here's what I know to be true - both business and healing can work together to provide an inexplicably perfect context for your growth, abundance and fulfillment...

I have created a business through which I get to live my Soul Purpose... and I want that for you too!

When I first started as a new coach in 2017, I wanted to integrate my energy healing modalities with my personal experience of going through an infertility journey to support others on theirs.

The problem was I struggled to market my services as I was wracked with fear and guilt around charging for my services, being visible as an energy healer, being too "woo"..... and I felt like a fraud for not knowing everything there is to know about fertility!

It was emotionally heavy work, so I alternated my focus between working in fertility and developing my work as an energy healer.

The problem was, every business coach and program I took told me that I needed to niche....but nobody could show me how!

Plus I was still grappling with the idea that energy healing was too "woo woo" for most people, and created a lot of content trying to convince my audience that even though energy healing is weird, its actually really good! Gah!!!

After the past four years of being on the path of Soulpreneurship and investing with some of the world's leading business coaches, programs, strategy, marketing and branding experts....

I have come to realise the following:


The work we do as purpose-led entrepreneurs is PRICELESS - a natural expression of our life force. We get to share this with the world, and when we focus on the impact of our work, Life brings us many more opportunities to do so.


Building a purpose-led business requires a higher level of integrity than is evident in most business teachings on the planet. We are called to deepen our work, use our own tools and walk our talk. Integrity, authenticity and aligning with our values is essential. So is the adage - first do no harm.


Sustainable growth may not be fast growth... however, focusing on sustainable growth as well as the true meaning of success to you (it's not just about money!) reduces unnecessary pressure from your business. If you don't need your Soul work to provide for you financially, you can better align with and receive guidance from Source - ultimately inviting more abundance into your life.

That's when I finally realised...

Life had taken me on the perfect journey to prepare me for my true Soul Work...

To support other lightworkers, healers, coaches, impact and purpose-led entrepreneurs

To embrace their path & what they have to offer...

To work through their visibility blocks, and...

Provide a step-by-step business blueprint to be paid as they share their work with the world.

Instead of focussing on WHAT SELLS, I decided to focus exclusively on WHAT SERVES.

Here's What My Clients Have Said About Working With Me

A lot of things have changed...

What I've learned from (Kylie) is a very powerful concept - that I choose and I give myself permission...

My vibrational reality has changed...

How people relate to me is different.

How they see me is different...

What I want to achieve in my business...


Zsuzsanna Hay,

Child Development Coach

I attracted my first paying clients

I was dealing with a lot of self doubt and fear after completing my studies five years ago and having children in between.

I'm now comfortable with people seeing me and I feel more positive about myself. Things that were really big and overwhelming, feel easier now. It's given me a lot more confidence and resilience.

Kate Robertson, Energetic Therapist & Counsellor

"I'm no longer afraid to say YES to new opportunities because I feel like it might drain me...

Now I can take the brakes off, and let it happen!

I'm valuing my vision and what I do a lot more.

My own special brand of magic is valuable and no one is going to know about it if I don't share it... It feels really clear, streamlined, simple, joyful, and straightforward!

Megan Forward,

Author & Artist

Kylie has been amazing at helping me to S-T-R-E-T-C-H myself, better understand the business world I am entering into, and help me make some amazing shifts!

She's a woman on a mission, and like myself, won't stop until she gets the desired results.

If you are considering your own needs in this department I can highly recommend you get in touch with her!

Sarah Korzeba

Integrated Therapeutic Movement

Doing this work allowed me to change my business model, think bigger, and have more belief in myself.

I started off wanting to set business goals, as what I was doing wasn't sustainable and I didn't know what to do about it...

I discovered that I really needed to look at myself.

Now my goals feel achievable, I'm selective with who I work, and I'm making better decisions."

Christina Reed,

Interior Designer & Buyers Agent

I Am Now Able To Be Honest About What I Want

One of the biggest outcomes that I gained from working with Kylie is that I am now able to be honest with myself about what I want, and to express it to other people.

The program has a really great structure and creates space to have clarity and be truthful.

Alison D.


Unlock Your Unique Soulpreneur Blueprint

The grounded, structured and integrity-based approach to build YOUR sustainable, profitable purpose-led business.



You receive my unique blueprint for building your sustainable, purpose-led business.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach to business. 🤢

Nor is it a regurgitation of every other business program out there. 🙄

The Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy has been created for Soulpreneurs by a Soulpreneur - I am an Intuitive Business Coach and Energy Healer with over twenty years experience operating small businesses.

  • Deepen Your Mastery - Get crystal clear on the value you offer, the outcomes of your work, and who you help so that you can communicate this clearly to attract soulmate clients
  • Build Your Business Foundations - Detailed instructions to take your business from hobby to profession. We cover your business foundations, systems and branding. You will get the practical, grounded support you need.
  • Activate Your Channels of Service and Abundance - Embrace marketing as service, build a simple funnel to grow your community and develop your business growth strategy in a way that feels good and makes a big impact!

Here's A Sneak Peek of What's Inside...

We go DEEP into every phase of the Soulpreneur Growth Blueprint:

Lesson 1: Explore the 9 stages of the Soulpreneur Growth Blueprint to identify the biggest gaps in your business that need your attention. Discover a deeper embodiment of your purpose to IGNITE the unshakeable inner guide.

Includes: Workbook, Guided Process, Guided Meditation

Lesson 2: Refine your niche, even as a MULTI-PASSIONATE and multi-modality practitioner. Dive deep into your unique essence, experience, training and point of difference to find clarity in what sets you and your offers apart.

Includes: Workbook, Mindset Practices, Journaling Prompts, Research Guides

Lesson 3: Curate Your Client Showcase to accelerate your audience KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor.

Includes: Workbook, the SEVA Protocol Planner, Guided Meditation for Amplifying Abundance and Magnetism, FAQ

Lesson 4: Build your business foundations. Step out of hobbyist into professional. Optimise your Social Media Platforms and establish essential business foundations.

Includes: Workbook, business asset checklist, tech set-up guides

Lesson 5: Set-up essential systems to attract and serve clients without wasting your time and money on "nice-to-haves". Opt-in Funnels, appointment setting, email marketing and other helpful systems.

Includes: Workbook, "Simple Systems for Success" Step by Step Guide & Checklists

Lesson 6: Transmit the essence of your Soul-Aligned business through your branding; branding as a metaphysical creation, personal branding vs niche branding, branding guides, soulmate client archetypes.

Includes: Workbook, Your Soulpreneur Branding Template, guides, templates and tutorials, guided meditation

Lesson 7: Embrace content marketing to grow, nurture, & engage your audience. Content Repurposing, overcoming visibility blocks, defining your content pillars, creating content assets.

Includes: Workbook, Project Visibility Challenge, Content Creation 30 Day Planner, Customisable Social Media Templates, Content Pillar Planner

Lesson 8: Create your first opt-in funnel to attract, engage and grow your community. Guides to creating your free opt-in, automating the delivery of your opt-in, writing your nurture campaign, distributing your lead magnet and mastering the art of the Call to Action.

Includes: Workbook, lead magnet templates, how-to tutorials, checklists

Lesson 9: Integrate strategy and energetics to implement a sustainable growth strategy for your purpose-led business. All ticket offer suite creation. Play the long game.

Includes: Workbook, Soul-Aligned Growth Strategy, G.R.E.A.T. Strategic Daily Routine. Guided meditations



Stop the TECH overwhelm! You don't need to do this alone, or reinvent the wheel...

Join other passionate Soulpreneurs inside a powerful community to celebrate, support and cheer each other on.

Share insights, wisdom, aha's, as well as resources, best practices, network, and find your New Business Besties on your Soulpreneur journey.

Access templates, guides, checklists and planners inside the membership portal to save you time, energy and money!

Soulmate Client Avatar Template:

Social Media Graphic Templates:

Soulpreneur Branding Guide

Lead Magnet Templates

Plus for a LIMITED TIME when you pay in advance for a YEAR you receive a Bonus Program!😲


This is an in-depth training for embracing Facebook and Instagram, how to use the features of each platform, what kind of content to post where, how to set-up a facebook group, how to make reels, use stories to engage with your audience, how to use canva and in-shot to support your content creation, what to post and more.

The Soulpreneur Startup Academy is for two specific groups of people:

Those new to business, including:

  • Recently qualified practitioners
  • Experienced practitioners who want to transition to full-time purpose work
  • the Best Kept Secrets: only serving friends & family
  • With multiple modalities but no cohesive strategy to serve their clients

Those who have been in business for some time, however still:

  • Struggle to find clients
  • Suffer from a lack of visibility
  • Have no plan for consistent marketing
  • Lack a robust strategy for growing their business
  • Feel frustrated and overwhelmed

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

The Soulpreneur Startup Academy is the distillation of 20+ years experience in entrepreneurship including building a multi-7 Figure bricks & mortar business.

Here's What You Receive Inside the Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy:

  • Trainings on the 9 Stages of the Soulpreneur Business Blueprint and how to implement what you're learning and grow your business
  • Private membership resource center (not a Facebook group) including video training, audios, workbooks, guided meditations and more
  • Templates and tutorials to create your free high-value opt-ins and grow your audience. Includes: How-To Guide template, Planner template, Journal template, Oracle Card Reading Template; and Step-by-Step tutorial to create your own guided meditation
  • Canva social media templates to showcase your client feedback, provide social proof and consistently attract your soulmate clients
  • Monthly Group Q&A Call receive 1:1 coaching support to keep you moving forward in your business. Answering your logistic, technology, mindset, & strategic blocks. Questions can be submitted prior to the call, with access to the replay.
  • Private Facebook Community to connect with likeminded business owners, ask questions, share your celebrations and be supported as you navigate your business journey
  • Monthly training or resource drop into the membership - giving you up-to-date training on what's needed in business now, ensuring what you are learning remains relevant and this program continues to overdeliver in value
  • BONUS PROGRAM INCLUDED WHEN YOU JOIN THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: The Beginners Guide To Social Media - everything you need to know to get started on Facebook and Instagram to organically market your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's included in the membership?

A. When you join the Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy you will receive access to the Soulpreneur Business Blueprint and 9 Modules of detailed training to implement within your business. All resources hosted inside our secure membership portal. You will have access to monthly group Q&A sessions, a FB community group and lots of helpful bonuses including templates, planners, tutorials and when you join the ANNUAL membership you'll also receive the BONUS program - Beginners Guide to Social Media. Each month inside the membership you will receive a free training and / or new resource created to support your success.

Q. Will I have access to the complete training from the beginning?

A. No. Delivery of the program is drip fed on a weekly basis. This is to support you in implementing what you are learning - not just consuming information. You will have access to some of the bonus materials, including the Bonus program "Beginners Guide To Social Media". Other bonus inclusions will become available when they are most relevant to what you are learning.

Q. I'm right at the very beginning of my business journey - will this be too much for me?

A. Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy is suitable for those just starting out on their business journey. Having access to both the calls and the membership resources will help you to apply the information to your business, and to get help when you're stuck. The community of business owners is a great place to ask questions and be supported by people at different stages in their business.

Q. I've been in business for years! Will there be anything new or of value for me?

A. Soulpreneur Start-Up Academy is a thorough and detailed strategy for growing a purpose-led business. If you struggle to find clients, show up on social media, make offers, create aligned marketing, messaging and branding OR you suffer with visibility and imposter syndrome, then you will find a tonne of value in this program. Feel free to contact Kylie if you have further questions.

Q. How do I get help? Are there any live calls or Q&A sessions included?

A. Yes! Every month you will be able to ask questions and get personalised support on the monthly live Q&A call held first Wednesday of the month at 12:30pm (Brisbane, Australia Timezone). Please check the events section inside the group and your emails for call details.

For support in between calls, please use the Q&A post inside the Facebook Group in the Guides section.

Q. What time will the group calls be? Will I have access to a replay if I can't attend live?

A. The group Q&A calls will be held on the first Wednesday of the month, 12:30-1:30 pm Brisbane, Australia time zone. The calls will be conducted and recorded on zoom. All attendees will have an opportunity to ask and receive support. The replay for the call will be made available inside the membership resource centre within 48 hours. If you are unable to attend the group call, you will be able to submit your question / support request prior to the call, and it will be addressed on the call.

Q. What if I don't like the program? Can I have a refund?

A. Yes. If you change your mind for any reason you can cancel your membership and ask for a refund within 7 days from purchase, firm (no extensions). After this time you may cancel your membership but will not receive a refund.

Q. What if I am away for an extended period or I get behind?

A. The membership is structured to allow you to flow with Life as need be and to have a resource and community support you as you build momentum and consistency in your business growth without placing undue pressure upon yourself. The pricing reflects that. If however you feel you are not utilising the value of the membership you may cancel your membership at any time. You will be able to rejoin at a later date, please note that a higher membership fee may apply.

Q. Where will the training resources be held?

A. The Membership resources are hosted in my secure membership site

The Soulpreneur Startup Academy is the distillation of 20 years experience in entrepreneurship to help you create your life's work and legacy.

Copyright 2023 Kylie Enkelmann

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